Turi Film Festival

A microfilm festival that gives equal focus to filmmaking and message it conveys.

A contest where storytelling is the last word.

If films are about storytelling, why do festivals evaluate them only on the technical aspects of filmmaking, ignoring the impression the storyteller leaves behind in the audience with the message it tries to convey?

At times of information overload and ever-diminishing attention span, why do we not have tighter films getting made?

Turi is here to disrupt…

Turi is a festival of films that are shorter than the shorts but leave behind a much bigger message. It provides an opportunity for aspiring filmmakers and content creators to get greater visibility for their work. 

Turi is one of the few festivals where the message of the film will get equal weightage to the aspects of filmmaking.

The award-winning films will be the ones which get the best engagement from the audience. It will be calculated through a scientific, transparent formula that will be communicated to all shortlisted candidates.

There will be awards also for those whom our eminent jury finds suitable. 

The cash prices are great!!!

What more??? 

At Turi, we are from the school that believes that there is no film which connects with every viewer. We also believe that all works of creativity need to be acknowledged and rewarded. 

We assure prizes to all shortlisted movies!!!