Turi Film Festival

What is new in turi film festival 2.0?

Turi Film Festival (TFF) was launched to break the myth that films need to be evaluated only on the technical aspects of filmmaking, ignoring the impression the storyteller leaves behind in the audience with the message it tries to convey.

We are thankful to all for making TFF 2023 a grand success…

TFF 2.0 will continue the coveted festival of films that are shorter than the shorts but leave behind a much bigger message. It provides an opportunity for filmmakers and content creators to get greater visibility for their work. 

TFF 2.0 remains one of the few festivals where the message of the film gets equal weightage to the aspects of filmmaking.

The award-winning films will be the ones which get the best engagement from the audience. It will be calculated through a scientific, transparent formula that will be communicated to all shortlisted candidates.

TFF 2.0 will have more number of awards, chosen by our eminent jury, as well as the audience. 

There was be special prizes for all submitted films that are shortlisted for the second phase. 

The cash prizes are great!!!

dates to remember

  1. Submission Starts: 15th April, 2024
  2. Submission Ends: 31st July, 2024
  3. Voting Starts: Ongoing
  4. Voting Ends: 31st August, 2024
  5. Awards Declared: 15th September, 2024

Submit Early

The voting process starts as soon as your film is shortlisted and the video is uploaded.

Early submissions will get more time to gather votes.

Recommended Themes (for sponsorship)

  1. (Un) Employment. 
  2. Parental Alienation.
  3. Financial independence.
  4. Rural women – woes and joys.
  5. Child labour.
  6. Social Media.
  7. Empathy.

8. Health and care.

9. Environment.

10. Work-Life Balance.

11. Travel bonds.

12. Citizen rights and responsibilities.

13. Elections.

Submission in any theme will be accepted for the festival. 

However the chances of corporate sponsorship may increase if the films are on the above themes.

1st Prize

Rs 50,000

2nd Prize

Rs 25,000

3rd Prize

Rs 15,000

Jury Awards (3)

Rs 25,000 each


Rs 5,000 each


Submit your movie today!

No language barrier (with subtitles)
Maximum duration of 300 seconds